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It is our mission as CLEA Technologies to contribute to the sustainability of our planet. In two distinct areas, we see that our knowledge of enzyme immobilization and biocatalysis gives us the opportunity to add value.

  1. Our dependency on fossil fuels must be reduced. Using our proprietary CLEA technology, we are convinced we can significantly reduce costs in second generation biofuels. Herewith we will bring the bio-based economy closer
  2. White biotechnology is in our blood. In several industrial processes, we see an opportunity to use biocatalysis as a means to reduce environmental impact, to improve product quality and to save costs.

We are a small company, with an independent mind set. Our think-out-of-the-box mentality makes us a front runner. We like the challenge this brings.

Roger Sheldon
Founder of CLEA Technologies

CLEA Technologies B.V. was originally founded in 2002 to further develop and commercialize “Cross-Linked Enzyme Aggregates” (CLEAs), a novel and proprietary enzyme immobilization technology developed by the biocatalysis department of Prof. Roger Sheldon at the Delft University of Technology (the Netherlands). Since then, we have not only developed extensive expertise in enzyme immobilization, but also in biocatalytic process development. This combination makes us one of a few companies that can provide the full integration of both services, enzyme immobilization and process development, from an early stage.


Although CLEA Technologies dates back to 2002, our experience with biocatalysis goes back much further. When the first results of enzymatic synthesis reached the industry back in the 80’s, Roger Sheldon FRS, former CEO and founder of CLEA Technologies was R&D manager at Andeno, a precursor to DSM Pharma. The development of the Cross-Linked Enzyme Aggregates (CLEA) around the beginning of the century at the Technical University Delft (The Netherlands) is the starting point for our company. The group of Roger Sheldon FRS, by then the professor of the biocatalysis department, is the inventor of the aptly named CLEA. It turned out that the understanding of biocatalysis on several occasions was insufficient to directly implement the use of CLEAs and hence we developed into a service provider to our market, primarily focusing on the implementation of biocatalysis.


CLEA Technologies is not just a manufacturer of immobilized enzymes. Nowadays CLEAs have reached their maturity and new developments open new markets. We have grown into an important service provider to markets such as pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals, biofuels, food and beverages and oleochemicals. Now and in our past, we serve and have served a variety of companies from all of these industries. Our scientists are trained in organic chemistry, chemical process technology, biocatalysis and pharmaceutical chemistry. Please check what we can do for you now.


With the upcoming second generation ethanol for instance, the need for enzymes will steadily increase. In this application, the costs of enzymes as percentage of the costs of the endproduct is still very high. Although the price of the enzymes may be very low, our proprietary mCLEAs will significantly reduce these costs. Also in oleochemicals, with our understanding of the applications, biocatalysis will become very competitive, cost and quality wise. Apart from our historically strong position in pharma and fine chemical applications, we foresee a strong growth in these markets. We know more work needs to be done: by us, by our suppliers, by our customers and possibly by you. Let’s get in touch!.

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