Curiosity brings us together, results bring us further.

partnership of CLEA

At CLEA Technologies, we subscribe to the vision that research and development is the best way to achieve progress. Since our beginning in 2002, research and development is the core of our company.

Most of our time we spend on R&D: with our partners, with our customers or on our own account. We work within EU frameworks like FP7, Horizon2020 or the Biobased Industry Consortium (BIC). We work on route development, on process and manufacturing optimization, on enzyme immobilization, on enzyme recycling. Our partners in these projects can be found in all markets we are active: in pharmaceuticals, in flavours and fragrances, in oleochemicals, in all kinds of biofuels and in CO2 capture. Projects that are beneficial to the environment, beneficial to the economy.

Constantly, new alliances are formed: in cooperation with large enterprises, with other SME’s, with research institutes or with universities. We work on new products and new applications to conquer a market.

Partners can be enzyme manufacturers to supply to/from or to license our technology, technology providers to implement our immobilized enzymes or end-users such as manufacturers of API’s, cosmetic esters, biofuels or foodstuff.

In our business model, we are very flexible. Sometimes we are a CRO, we license our technology, we custom manufacture or put a jointly developed product on the market.

Whenever you have an interest in biocatalysis or immobilized enzymes, we can be your partner.

Commercial Partnerships

commercial partnership

There is a wide variation in the projects we run. From small scale enzyme screenings to complete route developments. From custom enzyme immobilizations to the implementation of mCLEAs and magnetic separation on cubic metre scale. Projects that can run for a week, projects that run for several years. In all cases, it starts with an agreement. An agreement on secrecy, on ownership, on exclusivity and on costs of course.

Historically, our partners were mainly developers of pharmaceutical actives. In recent years, we extend our activities into the other areas we are active in: food, oleochemicals and biofuels.

A significant part of our customers do not buy an off the shelf product. The use of biocatalysis is simply not a drop in solution and therefore in general the implementation is preceded by an evaluation study. This can be a few days paper exercise, a two years lab and implementation study where we dedicate part of our research capacity to the project, or anything in between.

Our business model is flexible. We can be supplier, CRO, licenser or partner in a joint venture. Any way that brings you further –and us of course- is acceptable.  Whether you are a potential end-user, a technology provider or an enzyme producer, we are eager to become your partner.

We invite you to start the discussion.

Government sponsored projects

Government sponsored projects

Governmental sponsoring of research and development is an effective way to speed up development. Like for many high tech companies, for CLEA Technologies these projects have helped us to come where we are now.

fp7logobanCLEA Technologies has participated in several EU sponsored FP7 programs like Ambiocas, BioConSept, BioNexGen, BioOx, BioTrains, InDox, Kyrobio and Optibiocat. In these projects, our role has mainly been in enzyme selection, screening, and immobilization.

Now, we are actively looking for new H2020 projects that coincide with our field of interest. These can, for instance, be in the biobased economy, like optimizing the production of fermentable sugars in cellulose-based (waste) streams or in enzymatic CO2 capture. Most certainly, we are also interested to exploring new enzymatic ways in lipid chemistry.

As an SME, our focus is mainly on (research and) innovative actions, flagships and fast track to innovations. We are actively looking for partners, but are also open for invitations.

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