Our expertise: biocatalysis and enzyme immobilization

White and green

The postulation of the twelve principles of green chemistry by Anastas and Warner back in 1998 is an important milestone towards sustainable chemistry.

White biotechnology, the use of enzymes can be an important tool to achieve both a greener process and a benign product

With more than a decade of experience, our knowledge of green chemistry has helped many of our customers with the implementation of biocatalytic processes, with optimization of existing processes or with severe cost reduction by recycling immobilized enzymes instead of using soluble enzymes. We have done so for a vast number of companies in pharma, fine chemicals, oleochemicals, food and biofuels. Read more about our proposition for your markets.

Whether your request is to optimize enzyme immobilization, to screen enzymes or to fully develop an alternative economically viable and environmentally sound process, CLEA Technologies will be your partner.

We can supply you with immobilized or soluble enzymes: as individual products or as a dedicated discovery platform at attractive costs. Read more about our products.

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