Markets – First and second generation biofuels: bioethanol, biodiesel, biorefineries.

We strongly believe that the future for industrial application of enzymes is bright.

The world market for enzymes is around 6 billion euros and growing above average. In some applications, like in laundry detergent, as medication or as food or feed additive, enzyme immobilization will be unlikely. In other applications though, whether this is in pharmaceutical manufacturing, in diagnostics, in food production or in biofuels, enzyme immobilization may open the door to significant cost reduction. Where the future for industrial use of enzymes may be bright, the future for immobilized enzymes will be shining.

With more than a decade of experience in biocatalysis, we help our clients with services and products, with process development and with enzyme immobilization. We serve a very diverse customer base; from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies; from big pharma names to second generation bio-fuel engineering companies; from food production to diagnostics. With all our customers, we share the passion for chemistry. As no other, we understand that a green process is only acceptable if the cost is right. In this respect, all markets are the same.

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