Biocatalysis and green chemistry

Biocatalysis and green chemistry

There is no area in which biocatalysis has shown its potential advantages as clearly as in the pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries. This is where our roots are. They go back about 35 years, when the first implementation of enzymes in the manufacture of pharmaceutical intermediates started.
A broad variety of enzymes, such as proteases, lipases, ketoreductases, transaminases, nitrile hydratases and acylases are used nowadays. Both standard, commercially available enzymes, as well as dedicated engineered enzymes are used in soluble or immobilized form. Products we provide or we can help you to get sourced.

CLEA Technologies involvement with biocatalysis in pharma has always been high and we are considered as an expert in this field.
The mild reaction conditions and the high regional and/or chiral selectivity of biocatalysts can open and have opened the way to new chemicals, to more pure chemicals, to less waste and to biobased chemicals.

Our profound knowledge of organic chemistry and biocatalysis makes us the preferred supplier for those that lack the knowledge of enzymatic reactions or sparring partner for the more experienced.

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